About Me

An agent of change

You might know me from my video learning courses or my 4 books in the Westfield Retail Success Series (Make More Money from Every Sale, Five-Star Service on a One Star Budget, Manage and Lead without Losing Sleep, This Glorious Quest – Find and Fulfil Your Dream. Have a look in the Shop for all of them – there are some talking books and a song CD for kids too.

Colin Pearce Signs books

Signing books after a conference in one of my favourite places: Manila in the Philippines

Maybe you know me from my video training, speaking at a conference where you were a guest, or from way back in TV days.

If we’ve never met, this page is to get you acquainted.

I see myself primarily as a husband, father, grandfather and friend. After that, everything is arguable.

Colin Pearce Isle de Capri

Can’t beat this for living well! Holidaying with The Lovely Christine on the Isle of Capri, Italy.

I am the founder and CEO of The Selling Academy (aka. World Sales Centre) the resource centre and forum for people who need to get a message over – and get a result from it. That’s business owners, sales people, leaders, pastors, teachers, association organisers.

I’m also known as Col, Colsy, Colly, and thanks to my ventriloquist puppet Koala Ted, Uncle Colin.  I even have clients older than I am who call me ‘Uncle Colin’.

The most important things in my life are faith, family and friends. (OK! I’m reasonably interested in food and finances too – even fitness and fat reduction.)

If you’ve come a long way and still haven’t done all you came to do, treat this site as you well-earned refreshment stop so you can get going and finish well.

What I speak and write about

My five blog categories pretty well sum up my approach to life and business; Be, Do, Tell, Sell and Learn. I’ve been writing on these themes for my newsletter and blog since 1997.


You’re a human being first of all. Not a human trying or a human doing.  After reading only a few blog entries you will see why in 1997, I called my newsletter, ‘The Kick in the Pants’. I based it on the old saying, ‘If you could kick the person in the backside who was most responsible for your troubles you would not be able to sit down for two weeks’. I haven’t added them all to the backlog. I also maintained another newsletter called Two Minutes with God which were mostly about being.


Everyone wants to finish well so you have to build the foundation of doing well again and again over a long time. I give you plenty of nudges about this too. I like how King Solomon said it, ‘Show me a man skilled in his work and he shall stand before kings. He will not serve obscure men.’


I reckon that one of the worst sins is to be boring. I love to coach people with a message (Salespeople, speakers, teachers, bloggers, writers)  to put it over so it sells, sticks, makes an impact and where appropriate, makes them money


Nothing happens until someone sells something and this is a big theme for me. You have to listen first and as the famous US retailer, Marshall Field I put it,  ‘Give the lady what she wants.’


Since 1986 I’ve created loads of books, CDs, videos, and other goodies to help you finish well. They’re all in the Resources and Shop areas.  Some are free.


Sometimes I get a thought that doesn’t fit any category and I just go at it.


Although I started recording tapes and CDS in 1983 I never made a podcast until 2016. These follow a similar set of themes to the blogs.

They tell me I’ve got quite a few faces

Since my first speaking trip to New Zealand in 1986, I’ve been invited to speak at conferences all over Australia, New Zealand, in 28 states of the US and 15 other countries.

Here’s how else you might know me.

  • Australian Speakers Hall of Fame
  • MA in Creative Writing
  • Story teller, songwriter, blogger, ventriloquist
  • Board of Governors, Tabor College
  • Creator of video learning like Sell More, Easier, Faster, and Character Works
  • Convention MC
  • TV presenter

I’d rather you see me as a fellow traveller.

If you’ve come a long way and still not where you want to be, please treat this as a good refreshment stop.

What others say

BIll Vis, Founder VIP Home Services

Bill Vis, founder of V.I.P. Home Services would say, ‘”Uncle Colin” put us on the map with TV commercials in 1982 and has trained and consulted with us ever since. Then we had 15 franchises. Now we’ve got more than 1,000′


Bob Beaumont

Bob Beaumont, Chair and CEO of Beaumont Tiles would say, ‘Colin has been with us since 1984, training, speaking and building training resources. Back then we had 1 store. Now we’ve got 100.’


Justin Macey

Justin Macey,Principal St. Spyridon College, Unley SA says, ‘Drama, suspense, laughter, our students were hanging on every word. Regardless of age, everyone that got to experience Colin’s ‘story-telling’ left gaining a lot from the experience.’


Amanda Kohler, First National

Amanda Kholer, Property and Commercial Manager First National would say, ‘It is hard to find all the words to describe my appreciation of your speaking other than  “thank you to the crazy, fun loving, positive, energetic worldly-wise man who stood before us.’


Colin Pearce Story Telling

And my favourite: A little girl in Grade II at William Carey College NSW said, ‘My little bother thought you were well worth the $2 ticket.’


My family

Colin Pearce family

Colin and Christine Pearce are proud to announce the arrival of 11 extras!
12 months after this wedding, a 12th arrived.

I’ve been married to The Lovely Christine since 1972. We have four very talented adult children, wonderful in-law kids and four amazing grandies. Our extended family of brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces are all close. Most of us live just north of the South Pole in Adelaide South Australia, home of the famous Tour Down Under bike race, the late Sir Donald Bradman and the late Lord Howard Florey, the developer of Penicillin. It is mildly cold in winter and boils in summer.

A bio

(I wouldn’t use this to introduce me to speak. It’s as boring as bat manure. There’s a special piece of copy for your MC.)

Get in touch

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