About Me

I’ve been a trained performer, speaker and presenter since I was four years old, so as a star maker I know what it takes to be so good they can’t ignore you.

Being a star maker starts with modeling and expectations

My mother was an elocutionist and a chatter box. I learned a lot of words from her. My brothers objected when I talked like a baby. My dad repeated rhymes and stories over and over. I loved rhyme and rhythm. They trained me to memorise things and speak clearly. Maybe you had all of that good stuff too. Maybe you didn’t.

Regardless, I will do the modeling and expecting in your relationship with me.

They sent me out to work

When I went to kindergarten and Sunday School at four I must have seemed like a bright-eyed little boy who would make the teachers look good if they put me on stage to recite poems and read chunks of the Bible. I liked it too.

I still remember the coaching of the teachers at rehearsals;

  • Lift your chin so your voice carries to the back row, even if a baby cries.
  • Speak loud enough so deaf old Mrs James can hear.
  • If you lose your place, stop and take a breath without saying, ‘Umm!’
  • Don’t fiddle with the seam of your pants.
  • Stand still and don’t sway.
  • Speak slowly.
  • Don’t start until everyone is settled.
  • Look into every eye.
  • Believe in every word.

I was only good at two things

I could write well. English was my only good subject at school, so don’t ask me to change the lock on your door.
And I was good on my feet.

So …

  • All through school I wrote puppet plays and performed them.
  • I MC’d big inter-church youth things. I acted in plays.
  • I became a teacher.
  • I taught the deaf and learned a bit about speech pathology.
  • I was a ventriloquist. I still am.
  • I even learned to be a preacher.
  • I worked in TV for 6 years as a children’s presenter, producer, news reader, scriptwriter and commercial producer.
  • From 1985 until now I’ve written and presented business training programs to major corporations on video and audio.
  • By 1986 I started getting invites to speak to larger business crowds, of up to 7,500 people. That’s what I’ve done these last three or more decades.
  • I’ve written ten books.
  • I earned a Master of Arts degree in creative writing.
  • I’ve spoken in 15 countries, 28 states of the USA, all over Australia and New Zealand.
  • I’ve had audiences as diverse as kids on the story mat in Kenya to nuclear engineers in Florida.
  • The National Speakers Association (now Professional Speakers Association) bestowed me with the John Nevin Award for services to speaking, and installed me into the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame.

Here’s the obvious question about being so good they can’t ignore you –

Do you think I might have learned a thing or two that can help you be so good they can’t ignore you?
The testimonials below and on the Solutions page ought to convince you it’s a good idea to work with me.

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What others say

BIll Vis, Founder VIP Home Services

Bill Vis, founder of V.I.P. Home Services would say, ‘”Uncle Colin” put us on the map with TV commercials in 1982 and has trained and consulted with us ever since. Then we had 15 franchises. Now we’ve got more than 1,000′


Bob Beaumont

Bob Beaumont, Chair and CEO of Beaumont Tiles would say, ‘Colin has been with us since 1984, training, speaking and building training resources. Back then we had 1 store. Now we’ve got 100.’


Justin Macey

Justin Macey,Principal St. Spyridon College, Unley SA says, ‘Drama, suspense, laughter, our students were hanging on every word. Regardless of age, everyone that got to experience Colin’s ‘story-telling’ left gaining a lot from the experience.’


Amanda Kohler, First National

Amanda Kholer, Property and Commercial Manager First National would say, ‘It is hard to find all the words to describe my appreciation of your speaking other than  “thank you to the crazy, fun loving, positive, energetic worldly-wise man who stood before us.’


Colin Pearce Story Telling

And my favourite: A little girl in Grade II at William Carey College NSW said, ‘My little bother thought you were well worth the $2 ticket.’


Colin Pearce Signs books

Signing books after a conference in one of my favourite places: Manila in the Philippines

Other personal stuff

I see myself primarily as a husband, father, grandfather and friend. After that, everything is arguable.

Colin Pearce Isle de Capri

Can’t beat this for living well! Holidaying with The Lovely Christine on the Isle of Capri, Italy.

My family

The most important things in my life are faith, family and friends.

Colin Pearce's family is full of stars

Colin Pearce’s family – the Star Maker’s 15 best living testimonials

I’ve been married to The Lovely Christine since 1972. We have four very talented adult children, wonderful in-law kids and five amazing grandies. Our extended family of brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces are all close. Most of us live just north of the South Pole in Adelaide South Australia, home of the famous Tour Down Under bike race, the late Sir Donald Bradman and the late Lord Howard Florey, the developer of Penicillin.
It is mildly cold in winter and boils in summer.

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