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Colin Pearce Academy provides online courses in sales, induction to sales and converting your inbound calls

Colin Pearce Academy is a natural extension of my contribution to business education. I have been creating learning packages for adults since the 80s. With my partners, we pioneered the use of VHS tapes in big boxes and workbooks in velour covered binders. They looked grand. They were purchased and used by every big bank and nearly all the insurance companies in Australia and many in New Zealand – even the Philippines.

Manufacturing firms, accounting practices and retailers got on board too. They hung on to them for years. I still meet people who recall what they learned from those tapes and courses.

Thank goodness for the Internet

Times changed and firms had less time to drag people off the job for classroom learning – no longer wanting them to travel long distances to training venues. There was a dearth of learning opportunities for a while until the early 2000s when Internet speeds allowed connection to online learning with movies and sound. People could learn at their desks or at home. And then Mr. Jobs allowed us to learn on the bus and train with our phones. Big change!

None of this was lost on me

Organisations have never lost the need to train and motivate their people, but for a while, they lost the means to do it effectively and conveniently. My belief has not changed from the early days. Learning has to be fun and engaging and online learning allows me to deliver it right up front and personal.

In the Colin Pearce Academy courses, I still use the same style that appealed to accountants, engineers, and bankers, salespeople and support teams when I started w-a-a-a-a-y back, with practical repeatable, doable skills laid out so everyone can pick them up and apply them in their sales presentations immediately.

Here are the courses available online now.

Sell more, easier, faster

sales. You can sell more, easier, faster.

Your sales team should be able to sell more, easier, faster.

This is the premium sales course that hundreds of salespeople have completed and have lifted their value and personal profit.

You will see that the course is full of resources to get your team selling more, easier and faster.

Your people take the course like this.
I believe in group learning with spaced repetition.
You enrol 8 people at a time. That group sticks together for the duration of the course.
The Process

    a. Access to the Colin Pearce Academy online course. They watch each of the 6 modules one at a time completing the worksheets and quizzes at their own pace, but inside a week for each module.
    b. They meet as an online group, with me, in a weekly web-based class (via Zoom) and they get 6 x 45 minute weekly sessions where I will be coaching and training them together.

If you would like to chat about the course before you enroll your people, email me

Fast start to sales

New sales people can start fast

Create happy and productive salespeople right from the start

Most salespeople don’t get inducted properly. (Neither do most other people by the way). You’re tempting fate if you don’t cover all the right induction procedures with ANY employee, casual or permanent: wasted time, lost sales, valuable clients getting messed up, accidents, pricing and discount muck-ups.
And then there are the court proceedings, fines and gaol terms if you fall outside the law with poor or inadequate induction.

Scared? Good. The frightening word the judge will use is, ‘compliance’ when he or she questions your employment policies, before throwing the book in your general direction. Get onto this.

Get new salespeople up and running the no-fuss way.
You can induct new salespeople in one of three ways;

    The sort of silly way: Show them where the toilets are, how to fill out a time sheet, where to get coffee and let them run loose to pick up the rest as they go.

    The slow and inefficient way: Get some kind of classroom, set up a white board, a TV, have one staff member (probably you) waste hours or days trying to beat your ideas into the new people.

    The only sensible way: Get the new employees to work through this engaging Colin Pearce Academy course, Fast start to sales on their own, seeking out information and policies from your key individuals.

New employees (experienced or newbies) will start fast and will know everything to start making sales almost immediately.
Stay the right side of the law too. Your people will learn

    health and safety procedures, bullying, sexism, discrimination, etc …
    company policies,
    correct procedures,
    personal quotas,
    order processing,
    work expectations,
    managing complaints.

They will even know how much of YOUR time they can spend on private phone calls and personal computer use.
Watch the preview and enrol your own employee.

If you would like to chat about the course before you enroll your people, email me

Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads

Convert your inbound phone leads and keep them

You can convert your inbound phone leads

Most managers have no idea how much money and good will their staff are trashing when they respond to inbound phone leads.

    Sales are being lost.
    Appointments are being messed up.

Watch the preview

Even those who boast they don’t need to advertise because they have such good ‘word-of-mouth’, still blow off these valuable in-bound leads. You might as well put a “Gone Fishin'” sign on the door.

This intense course, Convert You Inbound Phone Leads will put an end to wasted leads, wasted money and loss of profit.
It’s based on successful face-to-face classroom methods and video training packages administered to tens of thousands of people over 30 years. Everyone will know what to say, when to say it, how to say it and you will enjoy more profit and less stress.

If you would like to chat about this Colin Pearce Academy course before you enroll your people, email me

Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads – Essential preparation for managers

Managers must know what how their people will be trained

Be prepared

This is a complementary set of short videos (about 20 minutes all up) to prepare managers for the changes that are about to be installed through the Colin Pearce Academy course ‘Convert your inbound phone leads’

    Watch for free.

    1. You will see how bad the telephone scene has become, and how you could be right in the middle of the disaster.
    2. You will understand the 7 fundamental screaming realities about why you should install this course in your organisation.
    3. If you’re already subscribed someone, good for you! This will reinforce your commitment.
    4. You will get a bit of a smackdown about your own behaviour on the phone.
    5. You will hear very persuasive testimonials from people who have adopted this training for themselves​.