Coaching for speakers.

Four quick coaching tips.

Coaching for speakers
Can you see what I see? Public Domain

Coaches have a fascinating skill. It’s as if they have a magic microscope with which they can read into situations and see opportunities for people in their care. They can do it at the speed of thought. And they have the happy knack of being able to see what the ‘coachee’ can’t. As you know, I call it ‘star making and I use it in caoching for speakers.’

Star making (coaching) could not be more fun

It has its good side and its downside like all things special.
I’m a coach. The upside is that it makes me a happy living. I love doing it. The people I help love it. (read the testimonials)
The downside is that I see problems with everything, everywhere. I don’t have to try. It’s not a weakness. It’s not a fault. It’s a gift.

It’s a gift I’ve many times wanted to give back because sometimes it’s an annoying gift—annoying for me more than other people, because turning it to good use is a whopping challenge; not becoming a grumpy old man at ages 30, 40, 50 and 60 was the main problem for me.

Most coaches are specialists

I couldn’t coach a pro sports team but I love coaching sales people and I particularly love coaching speakers and story tellers.

They tell me their problem or explain how they are stuck or nervous or stressed about an upcoming presentation and before they’ve finished explaining, I’ve come up with a solution. It’s spooky. And it’s great fun because it surprises me as much as it surprises them.

It was like that with Trevor just this week..

‘Colin has inspired me over many years to be a better presenter. I recently engaged him to help me make an impact at a water resources conference on behalf of my firm. I was quite stuck until Colin assessed the situation and helped me craft the arresting impression I needed to make. He has an uncanny knack of being able to get to the heart of your message and consequently to the heart of your listeners.’
Trevor Pillar
National Partnership Manager

Have a few free coaching tips on me

When you’re giving a speech or telling a story or making an announcement or introducing someone or MC-ing a ‘Do,

1. Don’t fire until you’ve seen the whites of their eyes.
2. Write out your opening statement which should have the word ‘you’ in it somewhere.
3. Write out your closing statement which should have a recommended action embedded.
4. Get stuck into the meat of your talk early.
5. Look around lots.

You, like most people I coach, will tell me this is kid stuff and it’s too simplistic. “Ho Ho!’ I say. ‘Wait till I watch you do it and you’ll find out it’s not that simplistic after all’

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