Did they really live happily ever after?

A lot of things had to NOT go wrong

In Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale of the Die goldene Gans (The Golden Goose) after many trials and enchantments the simple wood cutter wins the day, and the maiden AND the kingdom and the story ends with the immortal lines, nach des Königs Tod erbte der Dummling das Reich und lebte lange Zeit vergnügt mit seiner […]

I broke the window

Johari window bent a little out of shape

A bent version of the Johari Window

There was an abandoned house in the paddocks near my house when I was young and it begged to have its windows smashed by little boys throwing rocks. It sure was fun until a grown up told us off. I still can’t think why it was wrong because developers were going to do it with […]

A sales presentation: I wanted to poke myself in the eye with a bit of sausage.

And I wasn’t even the prospect.

A poke in the eye with a sausage

Picture me having a nice full breakfast at an outdoor Italian restaurant waiting for a mate to rock up in an hour or so. BLISS Enjoying the background music, the morning breeze, browsing through an e-book and slowly becoming aware of someone nearby, talking. Not your usual restaurant murmuring, but real intentional talking, like people […]