A story of two shoe salesmen.

You are ten times bigger than you think!

Problems with sales territories

Have you heard the story of the two shoe salesmen? One set new company records month after month, won awards, trips, and bonuses. He was happy and enthusiastic. The other hardly made a living. Same product. Same prices. Same offers. What was the difference?The manager conducted a big review. He asked the salesman with low […]

You are ten times BIGGER than you think

An unremarkable story of an ordinary man

You are ten times BIGGER than you think This story illustrates ways in which you are ten times better than you think. You are a whole lot bigger. In many cases, up to ten times bigger. If you are anything like the man in this story, you might be 500 times bigger. I tell you […]

You are ten times better than you think

You are a star in waiting

I don’t know whether the mathematics can be proven. You might only be 5 times better, or even 0.5 times better. I don’t actually know how much better you are than you think you are. It’s just a catchy headline and speech topic I use. By the way, I am never in fear that there’s […]