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Storytelling works, but no-one knows how

Stories catch everyone

I travelled interstate to a good mate’s 70th birthday. There was a massive family party, huge laughter, huge memories and huge food, and of course, huge storytelling. When there’s nothing else, it’s just me His four children used to be my biggest fans. In the seventies, I produced a series of story cassettes and they […]

The wolf and the lasagne

What's the special sauce that makes the impact?

The boy who cried 'Wolf!'

Today I did the rounds of tables in my favourite Italian restaurant and for some extra impact asked guests a question. Some of them wanted a free mention, so Hi Cam, Dee and Lyssa. THE WOLFI asked the people at each table, ‘Can you tell me the story of the boy who cried wolf?’ That’s […]


After the second scariest flight of my life

Beirut after the civil war
Beirut 2001: Photo by author

Our lives are full of thousands and thou … OK, TRILLIONS of incidents, conversations, interactions, experiences, sights, smells, tastes, thoughts, reactions, impressions etc … Some incidents we forget. Others become stories The more spectacular the incident, the more it challenges our sense of the status quo – the more it interferes with the balance in […]

How to remember stories and jokes

Do you often wonder why you can't recall a good one when you need to?

Story tellers have good memories
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

You CAN remember stories and jokes. People who are good on their feet are usually good at stories or jokes, or both. Have you noticed that they bubble them out like, like—well, like a bubble machine? How do they do that? Are they special? Did they get an overdose of the smarty-pants gene? Did they […]

Do you know what your story is?

Most people can't answer this question, so why is it important?

Celinne Da Costa storytelling expert

I receive Celinne Da Costa’s newsletter which I thoroughly recommend as a refreshing read for all. It’s a stimulating source of encouragement for story writers, speakers and marketers. She writes and vlogs from exotic places as she tours the world. One day she’s in London and the next she pops up in Israel and then […]