New book ‘I used to be dead’ launched

It's based on a true story

3D image of Colin Pearce's new book I used to be dead

Options a-plenty for a new book

As an author of a new book you have several choices when your book is ready for sale.

  • You can leave it up to the publisher. They’re usually busy with their next publication so you have to do your bit.
  • You can sit back and wait for the blue fairy to tell everyone about your work.
  • You can do a bit of Facebooking.
  • You can advertise yourself in a shop window and roll up a few days later to sign books as you watch them curl up in the sun and develop fly spots.

Launch of a new book for a nobody

If you are a nobody like me, you can host a launch function and make yourself look famous for an hour. I recommend you choose a place where you look better than you are, choosing an MC who is better than you or your publisher, and choose a launcher who knows and understands your genre – and more importantly loves you. And get as many people as you can to come. The average roll-up is between 20 and 40. Politicians sometimes get 12 people in their office.

The usual venue is a book shop or a hall or an office.

Take a risk with  a new book

Better choices are available if you put some risk into your approachMitcham Cinema Launch of I Colin Pearce's new book, I used to be deadI chose the Wallis Movie complex in Mitcham.  I made a trailer of the book to play on the big screen. There’s nothing like theatre 5.1 stereo surround sound.

I asked life-time clients Beaumont Tiles, V.I.P. Home Services, Bruce’s Meats and Marinis Financial Group to pay for the event.

I asked Mr Perfect-on-his-feet, Graham Agnew Mcs launch for Colin Pearce's new bookRev Graham Agnew (noted Dale Carnegie mentor) to hold the program together as MC and add his shatterproof energy to the event. He breezed through the tight program with charm and wit and got us finished in the hour.

Dr Rosanne Hawke launches Colin Pearce's New Book, I used to be deadDr Rosanne Hawke, my mentor and MA supervisor accepted the invitation to launch the book.  Rosanne was the star. Her personal introduction to Tahlia, my book’s main character, was stunning. She has launched many books (including nearly 30 of her own)  and I can’t believe how blessed I am to have received Rosanne’s best-ever book-launch speech.

The audience of family, friends and kind colleagues was suitably impressed.

I was pleased. So was the publisher, Morning Star Publishing

Get your copy of my new book

You can get your copy of the new book by clicking on the ’SHOP NOW’ button on the header.

Local?Or if you are in Adelaide, email a reply to me and arrange for a meeting to swap money or cc for your new book personally.

Check the page to see if there is a local signing near you.

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