Ages-old sales complaints

Sales complaints are as old as the pyramids

Candy for sale

Sales is not an easy profession. When I started making TV advertising sales in 1976, I drove across country South Australia and tramped up and down the streets of little towns and the big Iron Triangle cities; Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla. It wasn’t easy. Selling rarely is, but I had to overcome the conservatism of country business owners as well as distance, the weather, the dust and the flies.

The cry from every business owner was:

  • ‘Times are tight.
  • ‘Business is hard.
  • ‘The landlord is destroying me
  • ‘People aren’t spending
  • ‘Competition for sales is rough.
  • ‘If it wasn’t for the government … 
  • ‘Wait till after the election … ‘ 
  • And if they’d had the Internet in those days they would have added, 

  • ‘The Internet is killing me.’
  • 5000 years ago

    If we were to travel back to the days of the Egyptian pyramids, ancient Rome and the Chinese Zhou Dynasty, we’d find business people have been saying the same thing since the first farmers offered the first onions for sale on the first donkey track.

    The solution applies across the pages of history too.
    It’s this: It is possible to sell more, easier and faster if you know how. People who prosper in business always work it out.

    Still here

    That’s why I am still active decades later. I’m still helping business owners get their salespeople to learn how to sell more, easier, faster.

    The dominant idea behind all I do comes from that giant of a retailer, Marshall Field of Chicago:

    ‘Give the lady what she wants,’

    “There’s a wonderful book that tells the whole story of Marshall Field’s.
    I still remember being overwhelmed in 1983 by the size and glitz of the candy sales counter just inside the front doors. Apparently, being in America, that’s just one of the things ‘the lady’ wanted.

    Until next time, keep finding out what your customer wants.

    To infinity and beyond.
    Live long and prosper.

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