Product knowledge: #7 on the list of sales killers

Knowing too little or telling too much will murder your sales.

Poor product knowledge is a sales killer

Poor product knowledge is number 7 on the most wanted list of sales slaughterers. There are many many ways to kill a sale and salespeople use most of them in a career. I have murdered my fair share of sales, I confess. We use silly personal quirks, the wrong words, a foolish manner, a pandering attitude, a superior tone. A whole lot of our sales-murdering behaviours erupt out of our subconscious. When I give sales people an assessment on a botched sale, they are normally horrified to think they could utter or do such wacky things.

There are 7 sales killers that out-murder all the others – and they are all controllable.

Product knowledge is one sales killer you can control

You dress nicely, you roll up to work on time, you don’t take long breaks, you keep things in place, you know how to process an order – good on you! But if your product knowledge were made of gunpowder you wouldn’t have enough to blow your hat off.

You will see this in a wide range of salespeople from PFKs in cafés (pimply faced kids) who don’t know how much sugar is in the gluten-free gateau through to the lighting salesperson who doesn’t know how the depreciation of trapped light, protective covers, inefficient ballasts, and unfavourable operating temperatures affects HID carpark lighting systems vs LED systems.

Ask the experts:

    • talk to the engineers, the cooks, the suppliers, the designers, the other users.

Read all about it:

    • read the product instructions, the fliers, the box packaging, the website write-ups.

Go out of your way:

    go to trade shows and product launches and don’t drink anything. Come away armed with know-how.


How you use product knowledge is the sales killer you have to control

You know I am adamant about this: Salespeople talk too much.

You know how you are.

When you know something you love to show it off. When your tap is turned on we can’t shut you down. You give us a torrent of blather whether we want it or not. This makes you tiresome, overwhelming, boring, egocentric and not persuasive at all – even though you think you are being the most persuasive expert that ever was.

    • When your prospect asks how something works they might not want to know at all.


    • Ask your prospect how much information they want.


    Do they really want the whole laboratory research or just whether it’s easy to wipe over with a damp sponge.

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