How to remember stories and jokes

Do you often wonder why you can't recall a good one when you need to?

Story tellers have good memories
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You CAN remember stories and jokes.

People who are good on their feet are usually good at stories or jokes, or both. Have you noticed that they bubble them out like, like—well, like a bubble machine?

How do they do that?

Are they special? Did they get an overdose of the smarty-pants gene? Did they stand under the storytelling spout when the gifts were being given out?

There are a lot of ways to talk about that question and I’ll be discussing them in my new book which will come out later this year.

Here’s my simple view for now.

They do it so smoothly because they know they can.
They know they can because they learned and practised.
They learned and practised because they wanted to be good.
The best wanted to be so good no-one could ignore them.

Here are some people who will tell you it’s true.

If ya wanna, ya can!

So if you would like to be better on your feet, good at storytelling and the fine arts of the raconteur, Email me
I have a couple of openings in my diary and we should talk to find out what you want and how badly you want it.

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