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I think I know you

You’re above average in lots of ways. Very few of the 7+billion people on earth were born with your big drive to succeed.  You’ve cultivated that drive to become the stand-out that you are.

How do I know?

Sure you’re no Bill Gates, or George Clooney or Serena Williams but you’re here on this site and hungry to know more about living and being, and ordinary people don’t do that.

It’s had its complications of course, although I’m guessing you’ve already left your mark on your school, your university, the jobs you’ve had, and on the career you’re in now. Your family is important to you and so are your associations and social obligations. You want to leave a lasting legacy, and so you should. A person like you ought to be remembered properly.

You care a winner

You weren’t born to end broke and broken. You were born to finish well.

But you haven’t finished have you? And you want to finish well. Am I right?

And those complications I mentioned? I know they annoy you—things like never getting to the end of your To Do list even once in a blue moon! Things like getting your story across to team members so they do what you want; getting your story over to customers so you can really maintain a loyal constituency. And just putting up with people—people who are demanding, or who don’t care as much as you do, or who lack proper work ethics. It ain’t easy. And then there’s the fear you’re not up-to-date on the best ideas in ‘e’ marketing.

Pretty frustrating at times!

You also want more time to yourself, more time and energy for your family. You’ve probably let your health go a bit too.

You don’t mind the hard work or the long hours, but you just want to be happy doing it—and if I’m not mistaken, a whole lot happier and to actually feel like a winner.

Tell the truth

‘Now boys, tell the truth and shame the Devil’, my 6th grade teacher used to say,

> Is life hurtling past you at an awful rate?
> Are you never finished – a full in-box, reports, surveys, staff reviews, meetings and campaigns, or all of them?
> Did you ever want to take a course but still haven’t? You know, to learn a skill, write a book – or even get around to reading one?
> Is the important stuff blowing down life’s road like dried autumn leaves – good stuff—the stuff that should be making happy memories for everyone around you instead of making you feel dry and guilty

I’ve been in the same boat

You’re not in this spot all by yourself. Surveys tell me most of my readers feel like they are in the same boat right alongside you, slaves in a galley ship straining sinew and muscle too.

And see that seat down there at the end or the row? That’s where I’ve sat from time to time, sometimes for years on the trot.

I’ve had it all. Financial pressures, poor sales, erratic bosses, broken promises, unsaleable products, psychotic colleagues, super psychotic customers, unpayable mortgages, creditors with bad tempers, promoters and agents with crummy ethics, and I’ve even had long walks with the infamous black dog. I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t finish early and do everyone favour instead of trying to hang on and finish well.

And yet it’s not so bad

For 35 years I’ve been invited to speak in 15 countries, 28 states of the US, all over Australia and New Zealand. I’ve made huge sales. I’ve had the house, with the 2.5 acres and the indoor pool and 180º view of the city and coast.

I’ve been married to The Lovely Christine for 43 years.

We’ve raised 4 amazingly talented children who’ve so far given us 4 even more amazingly talented grand children and we all get on famously.

I’ve written 8 books and hundreds of television scripts, commercials and training video programs and then in 2009 I decided to complete a Masters Degree in Creative Writing just to make sure I knew what I was doing.

There’s more of this on the About page, but I mention it here because I have so much to be grateful for – and so do you.

Colin Pearce audience members

Colin after speaking to graduates at Luzerne International College of Hotel Management

Why I’m here

The reason I’ve come to Planet Earth and to write this blog is to remind you that you are ten times better than you think and it is absolutely possible to finish well and so live happily ever after.

You can see what I write about in some of these popular posts. For 17 years since 1998, they came out as the weekly Kick in the Pants eMail Newsletter, the motto of which was,  If you could kick the person in the backside who is most responsible for your troubles, you would not be able to sit down for two weeks.

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