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Colin Pearce teaches how storytelling works

Communicate better with your staff, your board, your shareholders, your customers. Build your market’s confidence in your brand using storytelling, customer focus and emotional connection. Let me help you get your strategic messages into short, sharp stories that impact, stick and make a difference.

Here’s how I help you get so good, they can’t ignore you


  • The white paper explains how Storytelling Works as a half, one or two day workshop.
  • The white paper also explains how to build on the workshops with follow-up check-ins and reporting sessions to make sure your team embeds the power of storytelling into your culture.
  • The white paper explains the outcomes you get when you book me to speak at your conference on Storytelling Works
  • The white paper helps you understand the value of 1:1 coaching—just you and me.

  • Click to get a proposal for 1:1 coaching.

    Storytelling Works: delivered as one to one coaching

    This is the starting point for most CEOs and speakers I coach. We will get your message into a short, sharp story so it sticks and makes an impact.

    There are (at least)two fears in business:

    1. The TAX Dept. rocking up unannounced, and
    2. Having to give a presentation to a crowd.

    Hot on the heels of No. 2 is the dread that your audience will find you boring
    or even if you are entertaining, people still won’t act.

    It’s common to be apprehensive about a speaking engagement, not knowing what to say and in what order. I am really good at getting the best out of any speaker. Tell me about your engagement by sending this preformatted email.

    A word or two of encouragement

    7/10 people I coach want to impress their audience—not put them to sleep or turn them off.
    3/10 are frustrated because they can’t get their message to work—to put it over so their employees do what they are supposed to do—or to convince their board or leadership team that new ideas have to be set in motion.

    See? You’re not alone

    If you’ve been thinking like this, you should take comfort that most people feel the same and that I’ll have no judgements about your situation.

    How your 1:1 coaching works

    When we engage, I determine what you want to achieve:

      Is it one occasion for which you have to put over a good story?
      Is it for your overall presentation style?
      Is it how to find and interpret the ‘right’ stories to build stronger connections with your team or your market?

    Then we meet six times over an initial two months in 60 minute sessions once a fortnight.

    Skype, Zoom – online is easy

    You don’t have to live in my city, Adelaide. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to do this online. If you are local, we can work out a way to get together.

    Right from session one

      I listen to you put your message over to me. Then we start work.
      We get the structure right so it flows.
      We get the start right so you engage from the first word.
      We work out the ending so you leave a strong emotion.
      We fill up the gaps so your content is all relevant.
      We create the call to action so you get the response you want.

    But that’s just the beginning:

      We get you breathing, pausing, pointing the key words, so you don’t come over like a doofus.
      We get your stories working and smash out your punch lines.
      We rehearse, wash, rinse and repeat until your tongue bleeds.
      And you have a whale of a time doing it because I love working with you and seeing what you can do.
      The rest of our time is tailor-made to suit you and your progress.


    • Your audiences will love listening to you, acting on what you say and remembering when and how you said it.
    • You’ll feel like you’ve got nine arms and bullet-proof armour.
    • When people ask you to speak, you’ll flash a confident smile and say, Yes.

    These testimonials will tell you everyone I coach loves the process too.

    Laurene Bevaart endorses working with Colin Pearce as a speaker's coach I’ve been giving presentations all my life. I was a high school teacher and a TV performer in Gladiators so I always felt natural on my feet in front of a crowd. However. Working with Colin Pearce as a speaking coach took me to a new level. With a combination of observation, face to face feedback and coaching on Skype, he helped me craft and perfect my personal story into my presentations where I am getting amazing results  and sales – and further bookings.
    Lourene Bevaart (Mebourne)
    5 Times Women’s World Karate Champion
    Winner of the first Gladiator TV series
    Highest ranked Australian Woman Leader in ASEA

    Lockie Cooke endorses Colin Pearce as a speaker's coach I started working with Colin Pearce through a network of Australia’s most distinguished speakers of the Professional Speakers Association. Colin offered his valuable time to coach and mentor me as part of the associations up and coming speaker development through the Kerry Nairn Scholarship in 2011. It was for my first major speech which was in Parliament House in the Grand Hall. I spoke in front of many distinguished guests and as a 21-year old, I was very inexperienced with sharing a story and getting a message across. Colin persevered with my inexperience and built the confidence from within me to present a memorable speech that I still hear about today. The way Colin can identify one’s uniqueness, and encourage them to share authentically is something that I will always cherish. Colin’s skills as a speaker and a speaker trainer is suitable for the seasoned veteran to the novice first-time speaker.
    Lachlan (Lockie) Cooke (Perth/Sydney)
    EY Social Entrepreneur of the year 2015.
    Founder: ICEA Foundation.

    Tim Burrow recommends Colin PearceTaking a series of speech coaching lessons with Colin is like learning to read and write all over again only this time I had enough understanding and maturity to appreciate the benefits that were coming my way! My skin was thick enough, my voice deep enough and my spirit strong enough to absorb the constructive, insightful (and occasional ‘admonishment’) that leads to rapid learning. All my listeners are thankful that Colin took me under his spell of articulating everything splendidly.

    Tim Burrow (Adelaide)
    Chief Executive Officer.
    Agribusiness Australia.

    If you feel you would benefit from working with me on a speech or business issue, send this email. Coaching inquiry. and I will see if I have room in my schedule. I’ll need all your details in your email signature. Workplace, your role, phone, email, web site if it’s yours.

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