Talking too much. #4 on the list of sales killers.

Talking: B – B – B – Blathering on about facts, data, comparisons and features kills sales slowly and painfully.

Selling is not about talking too much

Wh-a-a-a-t? Talking too much? A sales killer? But that’s how a salesperson earns a living. This is a joke, right?


If sales killer #5 is being disinterested, then being over-interested is an even bigger killer, especially if it means you talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!

Talking too much is a serious disorder.

In the online learning course, Sell more, easier, faster, you will understand all the traps of talking too much. The main result is not getting sales of course, and along the way you bore, frighten, confuse, and irritate a real living potential buyer.

You do this by over-explaining, over-emphasising, over-analysing, over-defending, and being oblivious to your ‘listener’.

Talking too much is common to all salespeople.

All it takes to set any salesperson off is to have someone ask a question about their product or service and away they go.  Yackety blah blah blah blah. And there’s no stopping them.

And you are not immune. Check yourself today by recording yourself during a phone call or sales interview. You will be horrified and red flagged!

Talking too much is curable.

You just have to stop talking—mid-sentence if you can, and ask if the listener wants to hear more. Out of politeness, they will say Yes, but then you should ask, ‘How much more can you put up with? Wouldn’t you rather ask me a question or tell me what you are thinking?’

The cure is rarely as simple as that because most salespeople are in complete denial about how seriously they manifest the problem. That’s why it takes a course, or coaching, or workshops with an expert to bring about a complete cure.

The results are usually spectacular.

Anyway, enough for now. Ask me a question or tell me what you think.

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