You are ten times better than you think

You are a star in waiting

I don’t know whether the mathematics can be proven.

You might only be 5 times better, or even 0.5 times better.

I don’t actually know how much better you are than you think you are. It’s just a catchy headline and speech topic I use.

By the way, I am never in fear that there’s a narcissistic psychopathic sociopath reading this who will take this as licence to be more of a mongrel than they already are, so don’t worry. They got to that point in life, long before I wrote this. No. Don’t distract yourself, Stay with me and focus on your thinking for a moment.

The point I am making is that you, Dear Normal Reader, are definitely better than you think you are. The only problem is that you probably don’t think about it much, if at all. I can come up with two reasons for that straight away.

Reason #1. The first reason is a bit mean I suppose. I have a suspicion that most people don’t think at all and therefore don’t give themselves space to think better and hopeful thoughts.

We actually reminisce, recall, regret, re-wind and replay all the bad, sad and mad things that ever happened to us or that we ever did. If we are not dwelling on the past we are dreaming about the future and what good or bad thing is looming in our imagined time-line. And then when someone calls our attention we say, ‘I was just thinking.’ You call that thinking!

If it is ‘thinking’, no wise person will ever tell you that this is a helpful or healthful kind of thinking. It’s yesterday’s news and tomorrow’s smoke.

Reason #2. The other reason is that we don’t think well enough of ourselves, is that it feels pompous.

You’d no more think you could flap your arms and fly than accept that you are better than you think. It seems ridiculous.

Just imagine how much you’d get done…if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work. We must be talented, powerful and resilient creatures indeed given how much we manage to produce despite the constant undercutting, ridicule and needless censorship we aim at ourselves. Seth Godin.

  • There’s a better speech in you.
  • There’s a better book in you.
  • There’s a better career in you.
  • There’s a better essay in you.
  • There’s a better sales presentation in you.
  • There’s a better entrepreneur in you.
  • There’s a better friend in you.
  • There’s a better inventor in you.
  • There’s a better husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend in you.
  • There’s a better parent in you.
  • There’s a better manager in you.
  • There’s a better employee in you.
  • There’s a better son or daughter in you.
  • There’s a better version of you in you.

    This is why I recite the slogan on the front of the Furphy Farm Water Cart:

    Furphy motto

    Good, better, best.
    Never let it rest,
    Till your good is better,
    and your better best

    You are ten times better than you think.

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