You are ten times more exciting than you think!

Just one of the ways in which you are ten times better than you think

You are ten times more exciting than you think

You really are ten times better than you think. Yes, you are the best. B.E.S.T. You are so exciting, you wear me out thinking about you.

    You are B – Bigger
    You are E – Exciting
    You are S – Smarter
    You are T – Talented.

    As for being ten times more exciting than you think:

    You can feel. The complete range of emotions from fear and frustration to love and loyalty are at your disposal. That’s exciting.

    You can learn. More than a seal, more than a primate, more than a dog. That’s exciting.

    You know. You are a cognisant being. You are not only aware and alert to what you experience but you double the value of it all. That’s exciting.

    You can talk. You can string sounds together in an intelligible manner that transfer feelings and impressions to others. That’s exciting

    You can discern across the five senses:

    • Like a dog you can pick up scents that tell you something nice or nasty.
    • Like a moth you can pick up sounds from acres away and discern whether they are for good or for ill.
    • Like an eagle you can see things that interest you from a long way off.
    • Like a catfish you can work out pretty quickly what taste is delicious or nutritious.
    • Like a crocodile you can feel and know the difference between sharp, hot, cold, soft, scary.

    • But unlike all other biological entities you can put them all together with discernment far exceeding any other.
      That’s exciting. No, you’re exciting.

      Knowing all that and adding your education, experiences, stories, likes and dislikes, preferences, personality, your family, friends and influencers you are remarkable – a walking, out of the box miracle.

      I hope you enjoy this segment of a stage presentation I gave that illustrates how special I think you are.

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