Work with me

9 ways to engage

I absolutely love working with a company or a person where there is passion to do well, and finish well.

It could be you.

You might want to be a better story teller or speaker. You might be a business person who is ready to rev up your returns. Perhaps you’re a salesperson and you’re ready to be coached on using benefit language, sharpening your questioning skills, being more aware of closing opportunities. Maybe your video and marketing materials (including your web copy) need a tweak.

If any of these descriptions sounds like you, we need to connect.

I have one limitation though

Although pulling off the odd miracle is not unusual for me, resurrecting the dead is totally beyond me. So if you’ve hired the wrong people, got into the wrong job, or you’re trying to sell an over-priced product or service—something no-one wants to buy, it’s best not to ask for my help.

Nine ways to engage

In order from the easiest and least expensive, here are the nine ways we could connect.

1. Search my blogs

There’s a strong possibility I have written about something that will help you, for free.

2. Subscribe to my blog for free

3. Visit my shop

Visit my shop and browse the books and programs there. I’ve digitised older publications and updated them. Whether you are selling, managing, caring for customers or trying to locate your dream life, you’ll find help there. There are family and kids’ books too, including two talking picture books in my Monkey and Crocodile series. Get my latest novel or the song CD. You can buy some of them in bulk for your class or team.

You will also find a page where I recommend my favourite tools and apps.

4. Join the Selling Academy.

The Selling Academy is the salesperson’s resource centre and forum. We help business owners and salespeople listen to their customers and present their products and services in a way that makes their customers want to buy and recommend others. You’ll find the specialist resources – like Sell more, easier, faster, Sell more, easier, faster on the phone, and Fast start to sales.
Later in 2016/17 it will become a Members Only site. If you subscribe and follow for free now, you will be favoured with a discount when that time comes.

5. Book me to speak. 

This has been my main activity for three decades so I have the procedures nailed down for you. Go to these pages to see my topics and the easy four step booking arrangements here. If you want to taste and try before you buy, have a look at some of the videos on my YouTube Channel

I gave my first public performance at the age of four as Wee Willie Winkle in the kindergarten christmas play wearing a nightie and carrying a candle. The candle blew out and I forgot my lines.

I vowed that I would never speak in public again dressed in a nightie holding a candle. But the stage and the spotlight became my life.

Colin Pearce speaks internationally

Speaking for Chowking Managers and staff in Manila — one of my favourite audiences.

From my teen years I grew up to become an MC, preacher, teacher, television performer, actor, news reader, story teller, ventriloquist, sales trainer and motivational speaker, travelling all over Australia, New Zealand and 15 countries, including 28 states of the US. I’ve been at it professionally since 1976 – or earlier.

I’m a bit choosier these days. I used to be like the legendary hobo. I’d go anywhere, eat anything, sleep anywhere, wake up not knowing where I was, and accept whatever money people gave me and not know where the next meal was coming from. These days I’m a bit selective about where I go and how long I need to be away from home. But if you have an event in mind where you might need a rousing and entertaining provocateur, read the Book Colin pages and complete a booking inquiry. I’ll consider it and let you know.

6. Join one of my Mastermind groups.

If you already consider yourself a high achiever (or even a potential high achiever) and want to finish well with a group of like-minded individuals, you should apply to get into one of my Mastermind groups. Some are conducted over breakfast, some on weekends and one or two run for a year. I release information and invitations through my email and social media when openings come up. Express your interest and send this automatically completed email.

7. Hire me to put your sales and service processes under the microscope.

People usually call this ‘consulting’. I don’t really have a lot of respect for that idea. It sounds like a long and dragged out process with limited results. I like to get in fast, tell you what I see, tell you what’s brilliant, tell you how to fix broken things, tell you who’s in your way, tell you who to train, who to promote, and run like mad leaving you to put out the fire. (OK. That last bit isn’t true.) I am firm and direct but not destructive. I ask you a lot of questions. I expect you to be honest in your answers. You will be surprised how simple most solutions are so start with this email. Consulting inquiry.

If you are doing fine and on track to finish well, I will help you nail it all down for posterity. But I’ll say this plainly. Most of the the time, when there are problems, the main problem is you, so you might need to wear your cast iron underwear when you call me in. Consulting inquiry.

8. Get me to write and produce your training or promotional video.

Having been writing and producing video and audio by the truckload since 1976, you can be confident in the result. Commercials, training videos, online learning, product demonstrations – I know them all. You can see The Fishing Son and the Tennis Mum commercials I made for V.I.P. Home services on my YouTube Channel.

9. Hire me as your personal coach.

Speaker Coaching: Do you have a speaking engagement or product presentation to give? It’s common to be apprehensive and not know what to do or what to say and in what order. I have to say IMHO I am really good at getting the best out of any speaker. Tell me about it and send this automatically completed email.

I’ve been giving presentations all my life. I was a high school teacher and a TV performer in Gladiators so I always felt natural on my feet in front of a crowd. However. Colin Pearce took me to a new level as a speaking coach. With a combination of observation, face to face feedback and coaching on Skype, he helped me craft and perfect my personal story into my presentations where I am getting amazing results  and sales – and further bookings.
Lourene Bevaart
5 Times Women’s World Karate Champion
Winner of the first Gladiator TV series
Highest ranked Australian Woman Leader in ASEA

Alternatively maybe your personal sales or business approaches need a rev up? I’m really good at guiding you and your team through this too.

You don’t have to live in my city, Adelaide. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to do this on Skype. If you are local, we can work out a way to get together.

However, I’m busy and accordingly I charge like a brain surgeon. If you feel you would benefit from working with me on a speech or business issue, send this email. Coaching inquiry. and I will see if I have room in my schedule. I’ll need all your details in your email signature. Work place, your role, phone, email, web site if it’s yours.

10. Hire The Lovely Christine.

If you are stuck personally or with a relationship, I will warmly refer you my wife, The Lovely Christine who is a professional counsellor and has the patience of the Rock of Gibraltar and the kindness of Mother Teresa.