Salespeople and consultants talk too much.

Surprise! Surprise! So do you.

Everyone in business talks too much

Humans are the only living beings on the planet that talk in words and sentences. Marvellous thing that it is, speech underachieves in contrast to its over-use.

Joe Jones had a simple (slightly off-pitch) song about it in 1960, named, ‘You talk too much’

Salespeople talk too much. 
Consultants talk too much.

You talk too much. 
Now don’t get off your bike; it’s a good sign. 

You see, by nature; salespeople, consultants and go-getters are;
– more outgoing, 
– more positive, 
– more excitable, 
– more willing to serve, and 
– more eager to conquer the world. 
It’s inevitable that they have the gift of the gab.

Unfortunately, it’s more often the curse of the gab.

You will find out why your marvellous gift of speech is such a curse if you have the patience to listen to me talking about it for 15 minutes. I discuss my three favourite sales skills and offer you a free consultation if you want.

I know. 15 minutes. Big ask. You will have to commit an unnatural act for you.
You won’t be able to butt in or say anything for 15 whole minutes.

Killer, what? Read and listen here: