Impact Entertainment: Commercial storytelling works

C-suite personnel are seeing value in storytelling

AIDS docco with Impact Entertainment

Jordan Kelley, Content Director, Brand Storytelling writing for Forbes magazine reported 30th October 2019 that corporations are finally waking to the value of storytelling through Impact Entertainment to express support for social and environmental causes. Storytelling Works He cites the award-winning documentary, ‘B5’ as an example. Johnson & Johnson funded the film about the men […]

25 questions about storytelling

The most common questions people ask about storytelling

Everyone has a story
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People with strategic messages are still trying to get them over without storytelling and wondering why they get such a poor response from their listeners. These groups should all be telling stories; Political leaders, Government leaders, Team leaders, Bosses, Salespeople, Board Chairs, Marketers, Advertising, Preachers, Teachers, Speakers. But they don’t. Their audiences are missing out. […]

Storyteller wins the day

No slides. No notes. Just a storyteller

storyteller fixates audience

You’ve seen this 1,000 times haven’t you: Not a storyteller in sight! Like thousands of others meeting every day of the week, my client’s business group has the featured member of the week give a walking, talking, ramble as he or she stumbles through too many slides with too many words, fiddling with two A4 […]

Pretend you’re a bee, and buzz off

Brothers and scars and stories

Big brothers of Colin Pearce

I had two older brothers whom I adored and idolised. I’ve still got them. One has lost his wonderful singing voice and the other has lost his mind. Please don’t tell him about his mind though. He thinks he’s me and that would be his worst nightmare. They are nine and twelve years older than […]

Hey Mister! How did you get the money?

Dress up because you never know who you will meet

Clothes make the man
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I was in the foyer of the elite Hilton International Hotel waiting for a sales dinner to start. I had been a TV producer and writer for six years and when the show closed I couldn’t think of anything better to do than sell books door to door. The parent company was about to host […]