Hey Mister! How did you get the money?

Dress up because you never know who you will meet

Clothes make the man
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I was in the foyer of the elite Hilton International Hotel waiting for a sales dinner to start. I had been a TV producer and writer for six years and when the show closed I couldn’t think of anything better to do than sell books door to door. The parent company was about to host […]

What’s your story?

Any way you ask the question, you will always get an answer

be like the sun and get up every day to be a total threat to darkness

It’s an odd question asked in a different manner according to circumstances: ‘What’s your story?’ A tease A mate saw his wife’s T-shirt wedged between the trailer and the fence as we pulled into his driveway. ‘This’ll be good’, he said to me. Inside he asked his sheepish looking wife, ‘What’s your story?’ She reported […]

When should you tell a story?

Storytelling works, no matter where or when.

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You always have a choice whether to bore your audience or bring them with you on your thoughts’ journey. If your thoughts are any good, they will fit into a story. Do you ever have these niggling feelings? I feel that people listening to my presentations think I’m colourless – kind of beige. If I […]

How a CEO used a story to end a labor stand-off

Truths embedded in a tale shall enter in at lowly doors (Tennyson)

A story about eggs saves the day
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A CEO I know was hired by a corporation to bring new life and order into the corporation. He accepted with enthusiasm only to find within the first two days there had been a long-standing dispute between staff and managers about working days. A bad inheritance Somewhere in the past, the staff had wangled a […]

How to kidnap your workplace culture with storytelling

Your organisation already has a storytelling culture – maybe just the wrong kind

You can use storytelling in your corporation
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When I used to tell corporate leaders about the value of storytelling for their culture and success they would tell me I was ridiculous. Now they beg me to tell them how to use storytelling to make their culture so good they can’t be ignored. How a little time changes things! HOW IT USED TO […]