How to kidnap your workplace culture with storytelling

Your organisation already has a storytelling culture – maybe just the wrong kind

You can use storytelling in your corporation
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When I used to tell corporate leaders about the value of storytelling for their culture and success they would tell me I was ridiculous.

Now they beg me to tell them how to use storytelling to make their culture so good they can’t be ignored. How a little time changes things!


No fluff

I had a manger who would pep talk me before I went to a client training day. He’d say, ‘Remember. No fluff Colin. None of your stories. Business people want meat; meaningful stuff—stuff they can use.’

Just the price

My first job in business was selling TV advertising. I tried to get clients to tell stories about customer happiness, about their values, about their real appeal, about making emotional connection. ‘Nah!’ they’d say. ‘Just run this week’s discount prices. People are only interested in the cheapest price!’

Not in my workplace

They used to say, ‘There is definitely no place for storytelling in a day-to-day workplace environment.’

    ‘We are not kids in kindergarten.’
    ‘Work is serious.’
    ‘Our people will revolt if I start telling them stories.’
    ‘They are serious about their work and their time.’
    ‘At Friday drinks or the end of year wrap-up, maybe, but not in the office or the factory.’


Pardon me? Your workplace is already full of stories. It is already a culture built on narratives, anecdotes and tales.



Tomorrow if you listen in the lunchroom or at the coffee/smoko break to your colleagues’ conversations there will be nothing but stories;

    > what their kid told them about the teacher,
    > what they told the parking inspector he could do with his tyre chalk,
    > what they thought of the people on ‘Married at First Sight’,
    > a stupid thing a customer complained about,
    > what’s wrong with the government,
    > the last wacky thing Donald Trump said,
    > how well their team played on the weekend,
    > how the other team had the umpires in their pocket,
    > what happened on their ski trip,
    > how fast the latest Lamborghini can go from 0 to 100Kph

You will be astounded at how storytelling is already alive and well in your workplace.


It’s happening under your nose.

    Your people do storytelling now.
    Your people enjoy it now.
    Your people will enjoy storytelling when you catch on.

Your culture will be transformed.

    Your marketing will make sense to people.
    Your staff relationships will flow.
    Your sales will improve.
    Your customer service will sparkle.

All I’d suggest is that you kidnap the current culture of storytelling and make it work wonders for you. I can show you how, but that’s another story for another day.

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