Storyteller wins the day

No slides. No notes. Just a storyteller

storyteller fixates audience

You’ve seen this 1,000 times haven’t you: Not a storyteller in sight!

Like thousands of others meeting every day of the week, my client’s business group has the featured member of the week give a walking, talking, ramble as he or she stumbles through too many slides with too many words, fiddling with two A4 pages of notes.

This occasion was different

We had been working on her story for a few sessions and I couldn’t wait to see the group’s reaction.

    She didn’t use notes. I told her, ‘You’re not a news-reader. You’re telling a story. Tell it!’

    She didn’t use slides. I said, ‘You’re not a picture show lady with a horse-drawn caravan in the 1920s. You’re a storyteller.’

    She used anchor spots on the stage and didn’t wander about. I said, ‘You’re telling a story, not doing a walkathon.’

    She used pauses. I said, ‘You’re not calling the Melbourne Cup. You are sharing a story. Give us time to feel it with you.’

More work to do, but it’s hard to top brilliant!

We worked on many other principles of storytelling and there are more for her to master, but on her first go-around she was stunning — not flashy, not hilarious, not loud — just stunning.


As I glanced around, it was easy to see the audience was transfixed.

I had promised, ‘I will make you so good they can’t ignore you.
I will help you take your strategic message and put in a short sharp story so it makes an impact, sticks and creates the change you want to make.’

At the end I wrote down some of the group members’ comments and she was thrilled to know she had done so well. (I was pretty chuffed myself.)

  • I was really touched.
  • That was inspirational.
  • The first time we’ve seen anyone present to us, standing alone with no visuals. It was amazing.
  • You could hear a pin drop.
  • That was very moving.
  • Totally authentic.
  • You were so engaging. So enriching.
  • It was like you had an aura around you.
  • I appreciated your vulnerability so much.
  • I’m still recovering. I thought your presentation was so emotional and real.
  • Your story is so real. I admire you.
  • You’re powerful.
  • Your heart walked in front of you and you followed.

Maybe …

Maybe you could get me to help you discover your story.
Maybe you could get me to help you write your story.
Maybe you could get me to help you deliver your story.

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