Talking too much. #4 on the list of sales killers.

Talking: B – B – B – Blathering on about facts, data, comparisons and features kills sales slowly and painfully.

Selling is not about talking too much

Wh-a-a-a-t? Talking too much? A sales killer? But that’s how a salesperson earns a living. This is a joke, right? Nope! If sales killer #5 is being disinterested, then being over-interested is an even bigger killer, especially if it means you talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! Talking too much is a serious disorder. In the online […]

Being disinterested: #5 on the list of sales killers

Disinterest is the funny/saddest thing about selling

Colin Pearce says disinterest is selfishness on legs

Talk about being disinterested!  I popped into a B-I-I-I-I-I-I-G name hardware store to price up a cordless drill. I approached the power tool desk and interrupted the salesperson placing price labels on placards at the rate of one per yawn. His store overalls were perfectly pressed, he wore his hair with a flair, he had spunky spectacles and […]

Misjudging your buyer: #6 on the list of sales killers

Misjudging your buyer makes you miss the sale.

Qualify your prospect before you start demonstrating

Misjudging your buyer is so easy, anyone can do it. A young fellow I know was giving a Holden HSV the once-over in a posh dealership in a posh suburb. He was dressed in sagging jeans, a check shirt and a hoodie with scruffy hair. He didn’t look suitably posh to the salesperson who stepped up and […]

Product knowledge: #7 on the list of sales killers

Knowing too little or telling too much will murder your sales.

Poor product knowledge is a sales killer

Poor product knowledge is number 7 on the most wanted list of sales slaughterers. There are many many ways to kill a sale and salespeople use most of them in a career. I have murdered my fair share of sales, I confess. We use silly personal quirks, the wrong words, a foolish manner, a pandering […]


Don't be fooled into thinking that timeless selling techniques are dead

Timeless Selling Techniques are still needed today

You see an ever-increasing number of posts and promotions telling you that everything has changed about selling and business. The inference is that good old salesmanship is dead. They will tell you the pie-and-donut-long-lunch hour-timewasting-salesperson era is long gone—and because; audiences have changed, attention spans have changed, technology has changed, customer buying habits have changed. […]