How to give a slide presentation (or not).

Your engagement techniques are more important than your slides

Data slide presentation mistakes

I was coaching a speaker who was delivering a slide presentation to get his team motivated. He was more of a running commentator than a speaker. If you have to use slides to get your message over, I don’t think you can call yourself a speaker. You should bill yourself more as a slideshow projectionist. […]

Big dreams vs. small realities

Dream big dreams but eat your flies

Big dreams

Big dreams are exciting.The idea of dreaming big dreams hit its high-water mark in the 70s and 80s. They were times that proved little, ordinary, low-born people and ideas could be wildly successful. We saw the emergence of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the Macintosh, Nintendo, Cabbage Patch dolls, Ronald Reagan, Alan Bond and Bob Hawke. […]

Selling is a transference of feelings

So let your prospects feel the love.

Sell by transferring feelings

Is that true? Is selling really a transference of feeling? I’ve said it over and over for decades. Taken from a persuasion perspective you’d have to say, Yes. A handful of historic examples provides ample evidence. Napoleon, Garibaldi, Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Mao Zedong were all successful in the arts of persuasion. They had […]

Peace is your choice.

I'm for more quiet contemplation and less talk

St Francis prayer for peace
Photo by Colin Pearce. Fanny Bay Darwin.

Peace is a precious character quality which is becoming as rare as rocking horse manure. I am not referring to the fifty-four current armed conflicts in the wide world. (Here’s a fairly accurate list of them.) Instruments of peaceI’m talking about places where people who should know most about peace are giving themselves political upheavals […]