How to be so good they can't ignore you

You’ve come to the Star Maker because you want to be so good, they can’t ignore you.

You can be a star. I probably believe in you more than you do. You have come so far already and I want you to know it’s OK to want to be better. I can assure you, all the people I’ve helped become stars fit into one of these categories;

  • You have to give a speech, and one way or another, you’re as nervous as a cat.
  • You’re trying to get a speaking career or hobby off the ground but you’ve got so much baggage you can’t take off.
  • You’re stifled in your sales results and don’t know how to burst out.
  • You need to close more sales, faster and easier.
  • You need to tell better stories.
  • You need to get your message across but you can’t make it work with your team, on video, or even person to person.

I’ve worked with people in each of these conditions, and they have ALL become S-O-O-O good they can’t be ignored.

The star maker will help you be a star.

Be a star. It sure beats being a say-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing kind of person.

Is it wrong to want to be a star?

Well, what would you prefer? You don’t want to be an embarrassment to yourself, your family or your employer, I know. Isn’t mediocre or faithful or modest good enough? In some senses yes, but when it comes to being a person of influence, you need to step up a bit. You probably wouldn’t respond to an advertisement like this, would you?

How to be a flop

You wouldn’t apply for this course would you?

You don’t want to be known as ‘alright’ just because it looks humble and contrite and gracious? Do you?

Think about it for a sec.
Done that?
Thought over.

No, you do not want to be a failure, a bungler, a disaster, an embarrassment to yourself or others—someone who doesn’t live up to expectations. You are better than that. In fact one of my most popular speaking topics is


That’s why I say I probably believe in you more than you do. And in reality, I’ve found that in spite of the fact that most of us are riddled with self-doubt and fear, we all still want to be the best we can be.

So if you’re ready to star – at whatever takes your fancy – and be so good they can’t ignore you, call me. Call me now. +61 403 181 368 and we’ll talk about possibilities.

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