Hello. Let’s get right to it:

Since 1986 I’ve helped the best people in the best organisations all over the world to get their story across.

In simple terms, I’m a mobile teacher.

If I had a classroom the motto on the door would read,
‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.’

What I do
On any day I might be making TV commercials for a national franchise company in Adelaide, another day coaching senior executives with their storytelling in Beirut, on another, helping a retail group think up ways to boost their sales in New Zealand, or motivating health care workers in Ohio to realise they are 10 times better than they think.

Sometimes I feel like a star maker: like Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg. They give him the best script, the best crew and the best actors and he just does his thing and turns out the best movies. And presto! Everyone gets an Oscar and a handprint in cement.

I absolutely love bringing out the best in others.

And that means I’ll listen to where you and your people are on your journey, and consider if I can help. If we’re a fit, I’ll suggest whatever works: whatever is right; training, mentoring, a conference stage presentation, a course. Who knows?

Issues in the 21st century are complex. I can only guess what your issues are and how intensely you feel about them. It might be team members not getting your message, not getting on with each other, not enough sales, service blockages, customers not trusting you. Funny thing is it’s all caught up in something older than The Pyramids.

It’s your story.

When we get that straight I have noticed that progress flows, horizons expand, opportunities pop up. People feel happy again and there’s money in the bank.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about something you want to pull off in the next 90 to 100 days and it’s just occurred to you that I might be able to nudge it along.

So call me. The answer is always No if you never ask.

The star maker makes you a star

Being a star sure beats being a say nothing, do nothing, be nothing person.

Why I am here.

So this site, like my working life, is dedicated to bringing the best YOU possible to the world. And there’s no shame in that for either of us. No need to be embarrassed or self-abasing about it. Where would we be if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Bell and Edison, Hillary and Shackleton had muttered from under their pillows, ‘I don’t want people talking behind my back saying I’m totally into myself. I’ll just be a nobody instead.’

The alternative is ridiculous.

You certainly wouldn’t apply for a course like this if you found it advertised in your local shop window, would you?

How to be a flop

You wouldn’t apply for this course would you?

Act now!

If you have to sell something;
if you have to MC an event;
if you have to lead a group;
if you have to teach a class;
if you have to speak to an audience;
if you have to persuade followers;
if you have to master your marketing,
tell me about it when you send this prepared email.

If you like, call me. I answer my own phone and respond to messages in minutes. +61 403 181 368

If this is a bit abrupt for you, read the other pages. You’ll find they describe you in many ways.
Then feel relaxed about getting in touch.