What stories will they tell?

Stories are all we'll leave


About 152,000 people will die in the world today. Sounds gloomy, but 360,000 will be born to take their place. 360,000 new stories in the making. The deaths mean that in the next week or so there will be 152,000 funerals. There will also be the 1,000,000 funerals of the people who died in the […]

What can we learn from Labor’s loss?

Tell stories

ALP loses election without telling a story

Once upon a time (last weekend in fact), there was a political party in Australia that had itself convinced it was going to win a Federal Election. It didn’t. Everyone who knows the story – apart from those who believe in miracles – wonders how. I don’t want to be an ambulance chaser by heaping ridicule […]

How do stories stick?

They get glued in from a shock, a surprise, a change

Plane at airport

‘Would passenger Mohammed please identify himself to the cabin crew? Passenger Mohammed.’ I froze. Everyone on the plane froze. Pre-take off chitchat stopped. Newspaper page flipping stopped. The cabin crew were scanning the seats, rather wide-eyed. My little packet of fruit and nuts was in suspense about what it should do next. Terror! Our plane […]

Storytelling works: Here’s proof

Most of the storytelling we do is self-talk

Not all stories you tell yourself are true

Your brain is a busy little doohickey. It has not only captured everything you’ve ever been told, everything you’ve ever done, everything you’ve ever experienced, but it has catalogued it, filed it and archived it. Most amazing of all, your brain has made up its own stories about every single item in its archives and even […]

Ages-old sales complaints

Sales complaints are as old as the pyramids

Candy for sale

Sales is not an easy profession. When I started making TV advertising sales in 1976, I drove across country South Australia and tramped up and down the streets of little towns and the big Iron Triangle cities; Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla. It wasn’t easy. Selling rarely is, but I had to overcome the […]