Do you know what your story is?

Most people can't answer this question, so why is it important?

Celinne Da Costa storytelling expert

I receive Celinne Da Costa’s newsletter which I thoroughly recommend as a refreshing read for all. It’s a stimulating source of encouragement for story writers, speakers and marketers. She writes and vlogs from exotic places as she tours the world. One day she’s in London and the next she pops up in Israel and then Jordan … She lives a very rich life collecting, telling stories – and coaching.

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She gave me permission to reproduce a few lines from one of her posts last week.

Celinne writes …

During THE pivotal scene of the Game of Thrones episode that ended one of the most-watched shows of all time, our friend Tyrion says …

‘What unites people? Armies, gold, flags?’ (shakes head)

‘Stories! There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has a better story than that?’

(Ok I’ll cut off here so I don’t spoil the rest). The point being…


Storytelling is a timeless, powerful marketing tool that has been around since the beginning of time.

We are genetically wired to respond positively to them: a great story literally activates feel-good hormones in our brain that make us feel more social, happier and connected.

You can go pour thousands of dollars into

  • building intricate sales funnels that may or may not work,
  • growing your social media so you can say you have “influence,” and
  • hiring publicists to heartlessly pitch your work to uninterested journalists.

But you want to know what really moves the needle?

Your story.

Your ability to become the greatest story you ever told… and SHOW US that.

Tell a damn good story and you’ll become irreplaceable to your audience because you did what most people can’t – you CONNECTED with their heart.

Win your audience’s emotions, and you’ll dominate your competition (cus heyyy people buy on emotion, not logic, and that is a fact).

Nothing can trump a good story. Become a great storyteller, and you’ll become the queen/king of your world

Tell me, do you know what YOUR story is?

Like, really know it. To the point where you can tell it to an audience, captivate them, and move them to action.

If you’re reading this being like… “eh… maybe. kinda. I sort of now but not really?”

Don’t worry… I gotchu’

Colin back again

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