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Make More Money From Every Sale

You want more money in the cash drawer and lots of happy customers, right? Who doesn’t? Daft thing is, very few people realise that they are their own answer; not the landlord, not the marketing department, not the weather or the economic situation. This is the best seller that has been changing retailer’s lives since it was first released in 1997.Colin analyses:

Price: $9.99
Five Service On a One Star Budget

One retailer was the bane of the landlord’s life: Whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge. Not enough traffic, not enough customers, not enough signage. The landlord gave him this book and told him to put everything into practice for a month and see if it made a difference. The landlord never heard form him again. Problem solved! The problem (as it usually is) was right between the retailer’s ears and this book sorted it all out. Colin explains …

Price: $9.99
Manage And Lead Without Losing Sleep

Management can be a cow of a job. But it can be a whole lot easier than most managers make it and teams can be a whole lot happier – and productive – than their managers make them. In this book you’ll learn how to have more fun, more control, use a tried and proven model for assessing teams and get it all done before bed time tonight.

Price: $9.99
The Glorious Quest

Have you ever wondered about your destiny or questioned why you are here? Have you ever wondered why other people and businesses get ahead in the same field as yours and achieve things that you don’t? Haven’t you ever wanted to do better, give more, live richer or contribute stronger? Haven’t you ever wondered what hidden weights you carry that hold you back from attaining better for yourself, your family or your business?

Price: $9.99
The Legend of the Fire Bringer

Entrepreneurs (i.e. all business owners) don’t have to be overburdened, get sick, break up their families or die before their time. As an entrepreneur (i.e. a business owner) you are probably: expecting too much of others, your family included working long hours guilty about your poor quality of life worried about competition and the economy

Price: $9.99

In the the 21st Century four factors will determine your position and influence: Leadership, Creativity, Relationships, Character. Colin points this out in the Legend of the Fire Bringer but he really belts it home in this quaint little book. Here you will meet Parson Snows, the best friend a chicken ever had and the fountain of the best chicken wisdom available for human consumption

Price: $9.99 (Special school prices)

NOW A READ-ALONG BOOK WITH COLIN READING THE STORY AS YOU ARE GUIDED TO TURN THE PAGES. Complete with jungle sounds to bring the atmosphere right to the page. Originally published by Tyndale House of Chicago in 1993, this ageless book has been read by children in countries far and wide.

Price: $9.99 (Special school prices)

Never seen anywhere in the world until 2015. It’s brand new. AND IT’S A READ-ALONG BOOK WITH COLIN READING THE POEM AS YOU ARE GUIDED TO TURN THE PAGES. The prose version of this story was originally published by Tyndale House of Chicago in 1993 but this verse version is BRAND NEW. Read by children in countries far and wide in its prose format, Colin now reads it to you in verse.

Price: $9.99 (Special school prices)

Historical Fiction: A Quest for Authenticity is the essay component of Colin Pearce’s MA thesis for which he was awarded a High Distinction in 2013. He explores the rigors and disciplines of creative thinking. One of his examiners wrote, ‘… a privilege to examine this work. The novel is outstanding and the exegesis is well researched.’

Price: $9.99
Billabong Songs

Sing-along songs and funny interruptions with Uncle Colin and the Annoying Koala Ted. Two year year olds go insane over it. Sales reps steal it from their kids to sing along on long road trips. Character-building themes, fantastic fun and memories.

Price: $9.99