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Hello. Let’s get right to the heart of the story:

Colin Pearce – Master of selling techniqesThey say I am a storytelling expert. Maybe I am. I’ve certainly been at it for decades. I help leaders to put their strategic message over in a short, sharp story so it impacts, sticks and creates change.

I didn’t stumble on this last week.

I’ve been working with these people since 1984

Clients and customers of Colin Pearce

And since the corporate disasters like the GFC, Volkswagen, BP and the Australian Banking Royal Commission, (not to mention political messes) we’ve all got trust issues. Employees and customers don’t want ‘spin’ – we want to know you’ve got goodwill, emotion, connection – heart.

If I had a classroom the motto on the door would read,

‘Tell ’em your story.’

What I do

I have fun. I’ve been a TV producer but sometimes I feel like a Hollywood movie director. They get the best scripts, the best crews and the best actors and do their thing. And presto! Everyone gets an Oscar and their handprint in cement. That’s the kind of buzz I’d like to create for you.

The star maker makes you a star

How would you like it if I turned you and your people into stars?

How I go about it

I absolutely love bringing out the best in others. Want to see if I can bring out your best?

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I’ll listen to where you and your people are on your journey. If we’re a fit, I’ll suggest whatever works: whatever is right; training, mentoring, a conference stage presentation, a course. Who knows? We need to talk.

Tell me what you want to achieve

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a change you would like to see in the next 90 to 100 days and you’re wondering if I might nudge it along.

The answer is always ‘No’ if you never ask. Send me this pre-formatted email