25 questions about storytelling

The most common questions people ask about storytelling

Everyone has a story
You should see all the stories in here. © Author

People with strategic messages are still trying to get them over without storytelling and wondering why they get such a poor response from their listeners.

These groups should all be telling stories;

    Political leaders,
    Government leaders,
    Team leaders,
    Board Chairs,

But they don’t. Their audiences are missing out.

These things make you look smart, but not human

Key points, data, instructions, charts, statistics, moral assertions, social conventions, indignant protestations, corporate proclamations without any story hooks don’t go past your chin.

Check this list

See how many of these issues might be yours too, and relax. You’re not alone. The only thing you’d have to worry about is not getting any answers.

I’ve been asked them all.

  • But why should I tell stories?
  • How long should a story be?
  • Do I tell stories every time I get my people together?
  • Do I have to tell personal stories?
  • What if my personal story is boring?
  • How many stories should I tell in a presentation?
  • Can my message just be one story?
  • How do I tell a story in a PowerPoint presentation?
  • Should I use PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi?
  • What about flip charts and white boards?
  • Should I learn to tell jokes?
  • Should I start a speech with a few jokes to warm up the atmosphere?
  • Where do I find good jokes to open with?
  • Do my stories have to be funny?
  • Is it OK to tell stories about my kids?
  • Do I start my talk with a story?
  • Do I need to say, ‘I am going to tell you a story’?
  • How much detail do I put in a story?
  • Do I have to explain why I told a story – you know, tell the moral of the tale?
  • Should I use props?
  • Should I act out parts of the story?
  • How much should I walk about?
  • Do I have to stand at the lectern?
  • Do I have to use a microphone?
  • How do I introduce storytelling to my work-place culture?

Maybe …

Maybe you could get me to help you discover your story.
Maybe you could get me to help you write your story.
Maybe you could get me to help you deliver your story.

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